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The internet is full of free preschool printables. It can be overwhelming!

But which ones are the best?

Today, I will share my favorite free preschool printables for your Catholic homeschool.

I found some great free preschool printables to share that can be made into flashcards, matching games, and more.

You can start all of these activities at any time and just increase in amount and difficulty little by little!

Be sure to also visit my friend, Jen, over at www.evatoave.com for more free preschool printables!

Table of Contents

What do kids learn in preschool?

Children learn many basic concepts in preschool including:

  • Fine motor skills
  • Letters
  • Numbers
  • Counting
  • Sorting
  • Shapes
  • Colors
  • Literacy
  • Science
  • Art
  • Music
basket of preschool cards from free preschool printables

What can I use instead of worksheets for my preschooler?

In addition to all of these printables being free, you can laminate them all a re-use them again and again! This eliminates the waste associated with worksheets. It is also environmentally friendly and reduces clutter in your home.

The materials you will need to make all of your free preschool printables reusable and keep them organized are:

  • A 3 ring binder that can fit all of the printables
  • a printer
  • a laminator
  • velcro dots
  • binder rings
  • clear sheets can be used for the playdoh mats or sheets to be used with dry erase markers


Free Preschool Printables to teach the Catholic Faith

The most important part of your Catholic Preschool Curriculum is forming your child in the faith. Here are my favorite free Catholic printables to help you get started.

Catholic Busy Book

This Catholic Busy Book from Shining Light Dolls is a gem! This book is actually great for preschool and older kids as well. 

You will need to print out the pages, laminate them, and then use velcro to attach the pieces.

This can be a tedious project, so I suggest doing a few at a time. Once your little one gets bored of those, then make a few more.

My favorites for preschoolers and toddlers are the objects in the Mass, the liturgical wheel, and the 7 Sacraments.

Catholic sacraments busy book page
close up of Catholic busy book with velcro dots
liturgical wheel for Catholic activity book

Catholic Themed High Contrast Cards

These Catholic Themed High Contrast Cards are so awesome and you can do a few things with them.

In her post, she shows various ways to use them with infants.

For my toddler, I printed 2 identical sets and set my printer to print all 6 pages on one sheet of paper. I cut one page out and applied velcro dots.

My son loves matching these as part of his toddler activity binder!

You could also print one set in the same fashion (6 per page) and make a set of cards for your Mass or Adoration bag. 


Catholic high contrast cards
close up of Catholic high contrast cards

Catholic Saint Coloring pages

When I’m reading to my children, they love coloring. These Monthly Saint Coloring Pages are awesome because you could read about each saint to your children as they color! 

Then, you can display them for the month in your home.

Rosary Playdoh Mats

All toddlers and kids love playdoh mats! These Rosary Playdough Mats are awesome to teach your child about the rosary AND for praying the rosary with them!

She even includes a DIY playdoh recipe.

Free Catholic Alphabet Crafts

Catholic Icing always has awesome crafts for Catholic kids, and many of them are free! These Catholic Alphabet Crafts are absolutely adorable for teaching your kids about the Bible and our Catholic faith. A Catholic craft for every letter of the alphabet!


Free Flashcards to Learn About the Mass

Teaching our kids about the Mass is a vital part of passing on the faith. 

You can use these cards like flashcards to teach your children about the different objects they will see at Mass. You can also explain what they each mean.

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Teach your little ones about the Mass

Download and print these FREE Toddler Mass cards, print, and bring them to Mass for your toddler to enjoy!

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    Free Preschool Printables to Teach the ABCs

    Every preschooler must learn his or her ABCs. They should be able to identify uppercase and lowercase letters by kindergarten. Most children will also be able to learn the sound that each letter makes by kindergarten.

    Sing sing the ABC song everyday and use these ABC resources, and your child will easily learn his or her letter names and sounds by kindergarten!

    Saint ABC Cards

    This is another adorable download from Shining Light Dolls. These Saint ABC Cards will help your children learn their letters AND a saint for each one!

    You could hang them as a bunting in your schoolroom or child’s bedroom. Or, print out 2 or 4 per page to make flashcards on cardstock paper.


    Preschool Alphabet Sheet

    Here are some options for nice, basic Alphabet Sheets. You could print out any version you like and laminate it.

    There are a few games you could play with the sheet:

    1. Ask your child to point to a letter that you call out
    2. Give the child pom poms or bingo chips and ask him to cover the letter that you call out
    3. Have your child circle the letter you call out with a dry erase marker
    4. Call out a word and ask the child to find the letter that the word starts with

    Free Preschool Printable Letter Flashcards

    These Letter Flashcards are great for teaching your child the letter sounds. It is recommended to teach the sounds with lowercase letters first since your child will encounter lowercase letters much more frequently when he begins to learn to read.

    Simply print the cards, laminate, cut them out, and put them on a binder ring. 

    Go through them each day teaching your child them sound each letter makes..


    free preschool printable alphabet cards

    Free Preschool Printables to Teach Math

    Keep math easy and fun in preschool! The basic math skills you should focus on are:

    • Identifying numbers 1-20 and beyond
    • Counting to 20 and beyond
    • Colors
    • Shapes

    Free Preschool Printable Number Cards 0-20

    Here are some Number flashcards 0-20.

    Simply print, laminate, cut and place on a binder ring.

    Call them out everyday with your child. You may with to start with 0-5, then progress to 0-10, etc.

    Choose to print these with numbers only or with the words.

    Hot Chocolate Counting Cards

    These hot chocolate counting cards are super fun! 

    You can use real marshmallows or pom poms.

    Have your child identify the number and then place the correct number of marshmallows in the cup!

    I laminate these for extra durability.

    free preschool printable hot chocolate counting cards

    Free Preschool Printables for Teaching Colors

    Here are some simple color flashcards to print.

    You can print, laminate, cut and add them to a binder ring.

    Or, lay the cards out and have the child sort objects of different colors to match each card.

    Free Preschool Printables for Teaching Shapes

    Your preschooler definitely needs some simple set of flashcards to teach shapes.

    Again, print a master set and put them on a binder ring to review everyday with your child.

    In addition, print 2 sets of the cards and play a matching game!

    Number Playdough Mats

    Playdough mats are always a hit with preschoolers, so here are some simple Number Playdough Mats. She has ideas other than using playdough as well!

    Free Preschool Printables for Fine Motor Skills

    Fine motor skills include activities that strengthen the hand and finger muscles and get children ready for writing.

    These skills include:

    • reaching
    • pointing
    • touching 
    • grasping
    • pointing 
    • releasing

    Activities that include placing pom poms, using clothespins or tweezers are all great for strengthening your toddler’s fine motor skills.

    Here are some free preschool printables to help with fine motor skills!

    Rainbow Counting Beads Activity

    This free rainbow counting bead activity incorporates counting and fine motor skill development.

    Your child will enjoy counting and placing the pony beads on the pipe cleaner.

    Also, consider reading the story of Noah’s Ark from the book of Genesis to make a Bible connection!

    Robot Color Matching Clip Cards

    This robot color matching clip card activity reinforces colors. It also strengthens the grasping and releasing fine motor skills.

    free preschool printable for colors and fine motor

    Feed a Bear Free Preschool Printable

    Feed the Bear is a hit with my preschooler and so simple so put together.

    Repurpose an old tissue box or oatmeal container (I chose an oatmeal container and cut a hole for the mouth). Print, laminate, and cut the bear face and cut a hole where his mouth is. Then, secure the bear to the box with packing or duct tape in the back.

    Your child will enjoy feeding the bear pom poms, pasta, small blocks, beans, or anything else you can think of! Just be careful with small objects that can be a choking hazard for small children who may put them in their mouth. You could even have your child feed the bear Cheerios so there would be no worry if some are eaten by the child.

    You should also supervise your child with these activities at all times.

    feed a bear free preschool printable
    feed a bear using an oatmeal container
    feed a bear with dry pasta

    How do I create a Catholic preschool homeschool curriculum?

    Now that you have all of these awesome and free preschool printables, you may be wondering how to plan a preschool homeschool day.

    In this post, I cover the exact process to create your own free preschool curriculum and how to implement it.


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