Simple Stations of the Cross and Stabat Mater Mini Booklets for Kids


Stations of the Cross Mini Books for kids


This download includes different files to make your own custom Stations of the Cross Mini Book. The images can also be printed as cards on cardstock or laminated and kept on a binder ring.


The mini booklets or cards can be given to toddlers and children as you pray your favorite version of the Way of the Cross. The cards will allow children to follow along as you pray the stations with them. The cards and booklet can also be used to discuss Christ’s Passion and discuss what each station means.


These are great for Lent and Holy Week, especially Good Friday!


This download includes:

  • Mini book of pictures of each station with labels for each station
  • 3 Different option for covers for your booklet or cards
  • Cards with the following call and response commonly used when praying the stations: “We adore you, O Christ, and we praise You. Because by Your holy cross, You have redeemed the world.”
  • The entire 15 verses of the Stabat Mater in English and Latin.


To assemble your booklet:

  1. Print pgs. 3-12 of the download front and back.
  2. Print the English or Latin version of the Stabat Mater, and add them to your book or create a separate Stabat Mater book.
  3. Staple the side of the book or punch a hole in the top left corner and keep them on a binder ring.