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As summer winds to a close, we have the cool autumn breeze and everything pumpkin to look forward to! It is also the time that many crafters crave a crochet hook and yarn. Sometimes, however, we get stuck in a rut or need some inspiration. I have compiled a list of my favorite free crochet patterns for fall! I have links to all of the patterns, as well as lists of the yarn and hooks that you will need. I also strive to glorify God with all the gifts that He has given me, so there are some liturgical-themed patterns as well, and a pattern for donating the hats you make. 

And the king will say to them in reply, ‘Amen, I say to you, whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me.'” Matthew 25: 40-45  

Read on to get some ideas and inspiration for your fall crafting. 

Here is my list for my top free crochet patterns for fall:

  1. Yarn Pumpkins
  2. Crochet Chapel Veil
  3.  Ballet Bun Cover
  4. Preemie Hats to Donate
  5. One Decade Crochet Rosary
  6. Crochet Rosary Set and Basket
  7.  Mug Rugs
free crochet patterns

Crochet pumpkins

Pattern: Make and Do Crew

Level: Beginner

Yarn: Any!

Hook: Appropriate size to match yarn

Every year, I make 1 or 2 more crochet pumpkins to add to my collection. I love using one pattern combined with different size hooks and yarns to create a variety of sizes and textures. My kids also love playing with these in their play kitchen. The house immediately feels more cozy when the crocheted pumpkins come out! 

This free crochet pattern from Make and Do Crew is super easy and flexible. If you know how to chain and single crochet, you can make it! You will also need stuffing and a thick twig or cinnamon stick for the stem.

free crochet pattern

Chapel Veil

Pattern: Girlies Crochet

Level: Advanced Beginner/Intermediate

Yarn: #10 Crochet Thread

Hook: 2.75 mm (USA: size C/2)

Next up, you can make beautiful and delicate chapel veils using crochet stitches that have a lace look. The sky is the limit with this one! You can actually pick your favorite triangle shawl pattern and simply use crochet thread and a corresponding hook. 

This is not a quick project, but you can make a beautiful and unique veil for yourself, your children or a friend to wear at Mass or Adoration. Crochet thread is also extremely inexpensive. I recommend that your purchase 2 balls for a small veil and 4 balls for a large veil.

Like I said, you can choose any triangle shawl pattern that you like, but I found a lovely fan pattern that works up beautifully in crochet thread. My daughter requested purple for advent. Here is the free crochet pattern for you to try! I recommend it for an advanced beginner/intermediate crocheter. The repeat is simple to memorize after a few rounds.

free crochet pattern

Ballet Bun Cover

Level: Advanced Beginner (due to finishing with a ribbon or hair elastic)

Yarn: Crochet Thread

Hook: 3.25 mm (USA: D)

Back to school time in the fall means back to dance! Whip up some bun covers for your little ballerinas! These are also made using crochet thread but work up super fast. I think each one took me about 15-20 minutes, and I let my girls pick what colors they wanted.

Here is the free crochet pattern from Moogly blog, and here is a photo of two that I whipped up:

free crochet pattern

Free Preemie Hats to Donate (Free Pattern Included!)

Pattern: QuickCrochetCozyPreemieHat

Level: Advanced Beginner

Yarn: Heavy Worsted/Aran

Hook: 5.5 mm-6.5 mm (depending on the size you want to make)

Since I first learned to crochet, I have loved making itty bitty baby hats. If you are new to hat-making this will be the perfect project for you to practice with. Or, if you want to learn how to switch colors, this is a great pattern for you to learn how to do some easy colorwork. Then, you can donate your beautiful new hat to a preemie baby. 

I always donate to Preemies of the Carolinas.  I know that my hats and blankets are going straight to parents and babies in need when I send them to Jennifer. She also runs special holiday events, so you could make this hat black and orange for Halloween or green and red for Christmas. 

Click here to download the free crochet pattern that I wrote so you can try it out!

free crochet pattern

One Decade Crochet Rosary

Pattern: Simple Rosary

Level: Beginner

Yarn: Any! 

Hook: Appropriate size to match yarn

I discovered this pattern when I was looking for a pattern for a soft baby rosary to give as a baptism gift. I used blanket yarn and an an 8 mm hook. I love how you start with the cross and then go right into the rosary without cutting the yarn. It comes out nice and big, but secure and super soft for baby.

You use simple stitches like chains, slip stitches and the puff stitch. I think even a beginner could complete this one!

This would also be nice in a lighter weigh thread for someone going into surgery or while traveling since it made completely out of yarn with no metal. 

Be sure to have it blessed by a priest before you gift it! Remember that October is also the Month of the Rosary!

free crochet pattern

Crochet Rosary Set and Basket

Rose Pattern: Pondered In my Heart

Level: Beginner

Yarn: Any!

Hook: Appropriate size to match yarn

I have had this on my to-make list for a while! Pondered in My Heart blog goes into exactly how to use the roses and basket, so be sure to read her post for complete instructions and pattern! This October I WILL make a set for my son (and maybe extra sets for my niece and nephews!) Any hands on opportunities for praying the rosary are wins in my book. If you need more tips for praying the rosary with kids, I wrote about that here. If you have a statue of Our Lady, place the basket at her feet and let your children bring her a bouquet for each decade!

Basket Pattern: Easy Crochet

Level: Advanced Beginner

Yarn: Super Bulky

Hook: 9 mm (USA: M/N-13)

While we are at it, why not make a quick basket? This one is big and could hold 10 decades worth of roses for Our Lady! Or, simply use a lighter weight yarn and matching hook to make a smaller basket. 

free crochet pattern

Mug Rug

Pattern: Yarn and Chai

Level: Beginner

Yarn: Light Worsted/DK Cotton Yarn

Hook: 4.0 mm (USA: F)

I have been making these trusty Mug Rugs for years! The original pattern I used is no longer available, but this one from Yarn and Chai will be my go to from now on. I love using bits and scraps of cotton yarn for this. Some rust, mustard, and tan ones would be perfect for fall.

free crochet pattern
free crochet patttern

Free Crochet Patterns for Fall

Finally, that concludes my fall round up of my favorite free crochet patterns. In my opinion, crocheting is the perfect relaxing activity when the fall chill fills the air. What are you planning to make this fall? Please let me know in the comments!

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